Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Stephen I. Chan

My middle name is Ian. Now say my full name out loud... Stephen Ian Chan... Kind of a catchy ring to it with the cute rhyme, huh? My whole life, I've struggled with the decision to disclose my middle name to people I know -- my worry being that their inner conscience will always default to saying my first, middle and last name from now until forever whenever they address me. That's sentencing yourself to pronouncing 5 syllables for the rest of your life, when 2 syllables work just as well!

I hail from the affluent town of Andover, Massachusetts, 23.6 miles north of Boston and serving you New England realness. From there, I went to Pittsburgh to get my bachelor of science degree (I actually majored in manufacturing and business, lol) from Carnegie Mellon University, where I encountered a massive pool of talented actors, directors, and designers from the esteemed School of Drama. Little did I know that these friendships would evolve into life-long partnerships on exciting theatrical projects. After graduating, I spent the next four years working as a professional choreographer/instructor in Boston and New York, until fully allocating my artistic energies towards playwriting in 2015.

I'm one of those weird people who takes things very seriously when he explores new territory. I want to get to know the line of work at an intimate level, and it takes over my life. I committed to writing my first, full-length play in 2016 and enrolled in playwriting programs and writing labs at HB Studio in West Village throughout 2017. Racing into 2018, I've been selected for the playwrights residency at the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow and workshopping my revised play, Refined (working title), in preparation for some staged readings in New York. Being a playwright is my calling -- it is my life-long opportunity to introduce fresh stories into the world of theater, dig deep into the rawness and truth about human nature, and (most importantly) create jobs for my insanely-talented friends.


Details coming soon on my creative approach and process!


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